Captures your spirit and creates memories that last generations !

About Sealey

Sealey Brandt is an open and positive woman who breaths life and vision into all she creates. A photographer with child like disposition who inspires her subjects and lives to capture unique moments in time.

Sealey was born into one of Australia's most iconic photographic families. Sealey's late father Brian Brandt is herald s the Godfather of Australian Advertising Photography and owned the most successful studio in Melbourne "Brian Brandt & Associates" and the still running Colour lab...CPL so she learnt from the best and clearly had the EYE from a young age as it was in the blood.

Sealey worked for advertising agencies throughout the world honing her skills in agencies such as Saatchi and Saatchi, DDB Needham, Batey Ads, USP Needham as an Art Buyer and Photographer for more than 20 years. The inspiration for leaving the world of Advertising was due to Sealey finding a series of B/W darkroom prints her father took of her and the family. These original prints now 50 years young still adore her walls and bring memories flooding each day of herself as a child. Because they were shot on 35mm B/W film and printed by hand on silver gelitan paper they are considered works of fine art and limited editions. "This is a very rare process now as Master Darkroom printers are hard to come by" say's Sealey. The printer Sealey works with has known her since 10 yrs of age and knows exactly what she wants in a print. He can print from a simple 10x8 inch all the way to 40x60 inches and the only one in Australia able to do this in the darkroom. She decided some 25 years ago to give this to others and decided to try and become one of the best portrait photographer's in the world and capture those spectacular moments on film for others. If look after this print quality can last generations like Sealey's family prints. To create a legacy for her clients that wanted memories that don't fade.

Sealey will shoot digitally if required for particular clients depending on their needs such as corporate head shots, advertising etc etc. Just give her the brief !

Sealey's sessions are fun, effortless and memorable. You will barely know you're being photographed but the result being a life memory in images that show the true personality of who you are. That's Sealey's goal she will try her best to achieve for you.

Media Coverage

I'm not normally a bragging kind of person however it's a massive compliment if some one wants to interview and write about you I have to say. Great marketing too!

If you have a moment please have a little read about Sealey as she's not your average cup of tea and has a colourful history.


Charity is something very close to Sealey's heart. She loves to give back where she can and hopes to purely shoot for charity in the not so distant future.

If you have a charity that needs photography that needs incredible images for your marketing please get in touch. Hagar, Sacred Heart, Kids for cancer are just a few Sealey has shot for. She often gives away shoots at live auction charity functions and has earns recently $7,500 at Snow Sisters Mt Buller.

Fine Art

Other than portrait commissions Sealey is very passionate about the land and nature. These are just a few samples. Her inner soul is a gypsy at heart and she loves to travel the world. One of her favourite expeditions was horse riding across Mongolia for one month living off the land. Images from this expedition lead her to exhibit in Milan, Monoco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia and her incredible darkroom prints adore the walls of Art Collectors world wide.


Whilst Sealey does not heavily promote her services in the market she has secretly photographed over 30 weddings over the years and loves every minute of it. it's even lovelier when she then is asked to return and photograph the children as they add to the family. One family Sealey photographed at Raffles Hotel Singapore then had her photograph the children as they came into the family and ended up living in her home in Melbourne as they were relocated. Over 40 prints of the family ended up adoring her gallery walls of her home for a few years. Spectacular! Simply enquire. B/W film and Digital available. Prints, framing, storybooks etc available. Just come and have a chat and a cuppa with Sealey and she will talk you through the whole process and your expectations for a successful day.

Photography is captured history of your life, to treasure for generations.

Whitfield r


I am an Australian Photographer based in Singapore and Melbourne. I take commissions any where in the world. Just ask. Everything is possible. Location, in your home and in studio is available. Everything is possible. One family recently flew from Singapore to Sealey in the snow in Australia to be photographed.


I have spent 16 years in this wonderful country and love its abundance of possibilities. Location, Your Home and Studio shoots are available. Don't be shy to ask about being photographed in near by islands and or countries. I have flown as far as the Hamptons NYC to shoot. An honour indeed and a French family to the near by Joyo Island to be photographed by Sealey Brandt.